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Dentures in Auckland

At Annabelle Dental, we offer full and partial dentures and a range of other services across South, West, and East Auckland, as well as in the North Shore area. With over 20 years’ experience, we can provide you with the natural-looking dentures that you need. Whether repairing or relining your existing dentures, or providing you with new full or partial dentures, we can help.

Free Consultations

At our Auckland denture clinic, all our consultations are conducted in strict confidence, so your privacy is guaranteed.

Mobile Denture Services

If you are not mobile (e.g. elderly), we'll send an experienced and friendly clinician to your Auckland home.

Expert Advice

You'll get the advice you need, including advice on dentures options in Auckland and advice on looking after your dentures.

Denture Repairs

Same day denture repairs.

What We Do

Full and Partial Dentures

We manufacture and fit full or partial dentures that look completely natural. The dentures we offer in Auckland will also improve your smile and help you chew. We manufacture new dentures in our modern, fully equipped laboratory, ensuring the highest standards. Whether you need dentures to replace all the teeth in your mouth, or some of your teeth, get in touch with us today for customised dentures in Auckland, NZ.

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Denture Checking and Cleaning

To maximise the lifespan of your dentures and to ensure they continue to be comfortable, book them in for our check-up and cleaning services. Our skilled and experienced clinician will complete a thorough check of your dentures before fully cleaning them. We’ll also give you advice on how you can better care for your dentures.

Why Choose Our Auckland Denture Clinic?

  • Free confidential consultations – find out more about your options for dentures, how we can help, the process, and the costs involved.
  • Our services are available at your location – our mobile denture services depend on the distances involved, but if you are in the Auckland area, get in touch to book an appointment at your home.
  • We manufacture our dentures in-house – many denture clinics in NZ use offshore manufacturers. At Annabelle Dental, we manufacture our dentures in-house, so your new dentures will be made right here in Auckland. Manufacturing in-house allows us to produce a better-quality product and offer a more personalised service.
  • Seven-day turnaround – we can also provide a priority service if you need your new dentures quicker.
  • Full dentures – get the look you want with full dentures made by Annabelle Dental.
  • Implant retained dentures – dentures that last a lifetime.
  • Same-day denture repairs – it is frustrating and limiting when you have problems with your dentures, but we can fix them fast. In fact, for most denture repairs, we can complete the work the same day, ensuring you get back to normal again quickly.
  • Denture relines – the shape of your face and mouth changes as you age. It is a natural process, but it can make your dentures uncomfortable. Our denture relining service involves refitting your dentures to the current shape of your mouth.
  • WINZ quotes – at Annabelle Dental, we are Work and Income registered, so we can provide you with a WINZ quote for the denture services that you need. We’ll also help ensure all the necessary paperwork is complete.
  • Insurance quotes – if you are claiming your dentures on your insurance, we can provide the quote that you need.
  • SuperGold Card discounts – we offer discounts for SuperGold Card holders. Get in touch to find out the latest offers.
  • Pain-free appointments – you don’t have to worry about your denture appointment when you come to us, as our services are delivered completely pain-free. We’ll also make sure you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible.
  • Members of the New Zealand Institute of Dental Technicians – we also stay up to date with the latest technologies and developments in our industry, particularly in relation to dentures and similar treatments.

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